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We provide state of the art tools and proven “best practice” models, along with depth in their application, to help people in leadership roles and other key functions to achieve their full potential and deliver the business outcomes.

Impacting Double Bottom line: People and Profits

  • Facilitating leadership team with the strategic roadmap [SWOT, Risk mitigation, Milestones, Business & People challenges] to achieve their desired vision
  • Facilitate HR strategy aligned with Business Strategy
  • Facilitate Ideation as a culture with Ideas on cost cutting / Ideas on Innovation, etc. with the employees at large
  • Facilitate service level agreements for inter dependency within various departments
  • Facilitating resolution of Task Conflicts & Relationship Conflicts between teams/ departments
  • Organization Design & Measures for Strategy Deployment. (Balanced Score Card Framework)

Creating sound HR Architecture on:

  1. HR Strategy aligned to the Business Strategy
  2. Performance Management System
  3. Facilitation Skills
  4. Talent Management
  5. Leadership Development
  6. Succession Planning
  7. Rewards Management
  8. HR Processes and Policies
  9. Employee Engagement and satisfaction
  10. Culture Diagnostics
  11. Competency Mapping
  12. Talent Acquisition
  13. Talent Retention
  14. Induction
  15. HR Analytics

  • Total Operational Performance originally developed by McKinsey with impact on Operational Performance Improvement, Productivity enhancement, etc.

  • Developing Achievement Motivation Human Labs for your high performers and achievers.

  • Coaching individuals for high performance

  • Facilitating Communication Forums 

  • Innovation/ Hackathon for Business Enablers and Efficiency

  • HR Analytics for predicting people and business impacts

  • Facilitate the HR team in making your organization a Great Place to Work and also participating in external HR events for recognition

  • Quality Interventions like 5S, Process Re-Engineering, Quality Circles.Facilitating creation of IP Assets for the Organization (Patents for R&D, Trademark for Products) 

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