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Result oriented, Experiential Workshops - Entire Training WITHOUT Power Point Presentation

You get hired for your  hard skills [IQ] And fired for Lack of Life Skills

A recent suvey by FICCI found that

  • Majority of graduates lacked adequate life Skills to be employed
  • 33% have satisfactory communication ability
  • 26% have satisfactory written ability
  • 75% of technical graduates and 85% of general graduates are unemployable 

Why Life Skills are important?

  • Life skills complements hard skills [IQ]
  • Builds your self- image and confidence
  • Leads to better job performance
  • Enhances career prospects
  • Useful while dealing with customers
  • Enhances interpersonal effectiveness

Our Offerings

  • Campus to Corporate
  • Self-Awareness, Self Confidence, Self Esteem
  • Business Etiquette and Grooming skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Developing Solutioning Mindset
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Interpersonal Relationship

Being a Facili-Teacher

Result oriented, Experiential Workshops...Entire Training WITHOUT Power Point Presentation

India has moved away from rote learning. Gone are the days of Frontal or coverage centred teaching where the faculty just stands in front of students to download the content to complete the curriculum. Education is no longer defined in terms of what a faculty will teach but rather in terms of what a student will be able to demonstrate. 

Education in India is in a state of transition. The paradigm shift is from not being students but learners and application of the learnings. This has changed the role of our faculty from mere being content experts to being a facilitator who creates and propagates an environment of experiential learning thus leading to sustainable learning.

FACULTY  is now  to be a “guide on the side” instead of a “sage on the stage”.

Our Holistic FDP (Faculty Development Programs) empowers educators on an overall level. They understand the importance of Intra-Interconnect ( Journey of Self Awareness to Awareness of others) which is so important for them as they are our  pillars of our society , Nation Builders, Change Managers.

Our FDP program empowers the faculty members with tools to handle the shift from an instruction paradigm, in which an instructor transfers knowledge to students, to a learning paradigm, in which a teacher’s role is that of coach and mentor. The result is a student learning how to learn and discovering knowledge with the coaching guidance of a teacher.

Our program gives the “Facili-Teachers” tools to handle this shift smoothly and efficiently. The program takes them through a journey of Self Learnings thus making them more empathetic to the new learning paradigm shift.     

The Aim of our program is to bring Awareness to the Faculty Member as a:

Person – Ability to manage oneself.  Mudra emphasizes the need for an individual to examine oneself critically with regard to one’s thoughts, beliefs and actions and to make improvements in one’s character so that one may lead one’s life more effectively.

Facilitator – Ability to innovate and upgrade one’s attitude, knowledge and skills to improve classroom interactions to be make learning fun and sustainable.

Leader – Ability to lead and manage students.

Change maker – It all begins with self then spreading to students, organisation, community and country.                        

Learning Methodology

  • Facilitator led interactive teaching
  • Self- awareness through Psychometric assessment
  • Intensive experiential learning
  • Peer learning and sharing through individual and group presentation
  • Learning reinforcement through Personal Action Planning
  • New methodology of teaching.

Overall Benefits

  • Masterful teaching skills
  • Learning in a fun and creative way
  • Effective Engagement with students
  • Improved functioning of mind power
  • Emphatic rapport with Learners
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Greater self- awarenessEmpathic Relations with all

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