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This workshop was a big eyeopener in my 32 years of work experience.I found answers to what I have been looking for to help me deal with people. I have relished the experience.
Amazing workshop. Eye opener to see how facilitation works in various areas. Highly recommend not only for HR or training but also for Business leaders as it helps to understand how facilitation can be applied to day to day chores like meetings, reviews, problem solving and decision making.
​Aditya Sareen, Head Capability Development - TATA Power
1. Only company in India to impart the Govt certification for Facilitation skills.
2. Facilitator Starter Kit worth Rs 5000 free.
3. Extensive learning workbook with 50 processes documented for ready to use.
4. No PPTs used during the workshop for two days.
5. Entrepreneurs, HR, OD, L&D Professionals, Business Heads Image Consultants, Freelance trainers, Teachers, Educators , Social workers have undergone this workshop in India and Bangladesh. 
6. Pre work designed to maximize your learning
7. Post workshop extensive mentoring and support for your project.


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LEAF workshop demystifies what is training and facilitation.Gives clarity on fundamentals of facilitation. I believe LEAF will be the most popular programs in the coming times. A must attend workshop.
60 Bits Consulting yet again whips a storm in the world of HR learning and developmentservices by announcing their new workshop Certified Process Facilitator in Mumbai slated on 12th & 13th April, 2019 at Holiday Inn, Mumbai.

Facilitation is a process that helps aid people to understand and evolve through a subject or process. A creative facilitator always ensures that they analyze people requirements and shortcomings and implement a unique customized approach to make sure that the primary objective of facilitating needs is obtained. With evolving business stances, leaders now need to be coaches, mentors, and teachers.
This has given a huge rise in the facilitation skill training in India.
Arvind Murwaha, Global L&D Head – Suzlon Energy, Pune
​E.K.S. Sreekumar, Vice President - Quality - STERLING & WILSON