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Our Story @60 Bits

Dream Big & Cherishing Small Wins is our secret of Flourishing 60 Bits.  While most Dream big, very few achieve it isn’t it true?  

Three Certified & Renowned OD Professionals from Multi-Disciplinary Background- Statistical, Business, & HR Background, put together with 50+ years of Experience decided to seek their Pursuit of Life.  While you would hear of Leaders, moving out with their teams, jumping across Established Organizations, very Few would have aimed at Creating One Know More...

Stemming the Shared Vision for 60 Bits – “Nurturing People to Transform Business as the way of Life” and Our Game Changing Beliefs:

“You can’t decide on your deeds at birth, but you can definitely decide what you want to do before you die?”
“It doesn’t matter from where you come, what matter is where are you going?”

These 3 Musketeers - Shyam, Amith & Kaushik chuck their high Paying Jobs & Organization Status at Tata Power SED to pursue their dreams.

Their common purpose was Nurturing Helping Relationships (HR) driven by shared beliefs:

“if it were your last day today, how would you want to live it?”
“It not about nurturing by being visibly present, it’s about being the Invisible Hand, having already envisioned the Future in our Thoughts while it unfolds in the Present?”

As if nature had destined the arrival of 60 Bits, the journey unfolded when Shyam met Kala - Highly Creative at Encompassing all Emotional Facets.  Aimed at unleashing its true potential, this  “Two Pizza team’s” live is to ensure Stakeholder’s “Experience Lasting Relationships” which stems from Inherent Enriching Value Creation by Leveraging on, Maximizing the Human Potential, there by Transforming the Business.

 “Why do we need to divide the “Pie”, instead why can’t we make size of Pie Larger for all to Flourish?”

“This is where our two-pizza team concept embedded in our culture works well for us because we believe in providing our people a sense of ownership to deliver customer experience. This is possible with the two-pizza team, as it is non-hierarchical, nimble and effective in motivating people to innovate and provide our clients the results aligned to their needs.” This is the core philosophy of our 60 Bits Consulting.