Success Story 1 – Drive Cultural Transformation – Address Employee’s Fear of Change

Business Context
A Multi-National R&D Company targeted 50% CAGR growth in revenue leveraging on integrating Platforms with Products for Diversified Markets. They were focussed on get employees excited about the opportunity through change, oblivious to the fact, that in contract, the changes in the Business Environment actually accounted to “Employees Fear of Change”?

Assessment of People Imperative to drive Business Needs
1. Taking Charge- Risk Taking & Experimentation
2. Maintaining a positive Outlook in time of Crises
3. Shared Sense of Purpose (among Stakeholder’s)
4. Move from Control/Dependency Oriented Syndrome to being Achievement Oriented 

Our Intervention
A Human Process Lab were conducted to help employees experience, reflect and realize that beliefs arouse

the emotional motivation and to seek actions aligned to the business strategy.

Business Success Measures

  • Improved Ownership evident through the 30% reduction in Rework/ Defect Density
  • Improved Time to Market evident through 20% reduction in Cycle Time
  • 1.5X increase in Repeat Orders for the Company Leading to Sustainability 


Success Story 2 –  Drive Organizational Effectiveness - Measure & Maximize the Human Capital

While there are Ledger Books measuring Financial Capital, 80% of Organization Don’t measure the Human Capital?” The Organization in this case study decided to leverage on measuring Human Capital to deliver Business Performance.

Business Context 
The Top Management of this Global Academic Institution targeted 3X times Revenue Growth by strategically measuring the Human Capital.

Their three-fold Objective was to
1. Measure the Performance of Business Strategy
2. Measure the Performance on the Job
3. Measure the Performance of Service Orientation to improve Business Centricity

Our Intervention
We designed & deployed a Scientific Framework & Assessment Tool to measure the Human Capital namely:

  • Balance Score Card
  • X Matrix for Cascading
  • Competency Assessment Framework
  • Organization Leadership Assessment -Business & Service Orientation

Business Success Measures
Harness Actions rather than reasons to drive business outcomes. Leadership Assessment using Online Survey jumped 70 Base Points influencing culture of Ownership & Performance.

Objective Evaluation KPI’s Linked to Business Imperatives.
The Academic Institution is currently being ranked in Top 20 in Forbes List for Five Consecutive Years


Success Story 3 – Improve Decision Making using Insights

Business Context
Decisions making in most companies are taken based on Recorded Data but where are Insights? The success of the decision is determined by Insights and The Top Management of this Global Shipping Company targeted influencing business Outcomes by strategically measuring the Insights. 

1. Measure the Insights using HR Analytics
2. Connect Hindsight & Verify Insights to get the Foresight
3. Companies focus Dash Boards to get measures but does it give direction

Our Intervention
Designed & Developed a “Door to HR Analytics”, a facilitative Workshop, to experience, measure & predict using Data Analytics

Business Success Measures
The Decision Making and Prediction of Outcomes improved by over 50% using Insights
Improvement in Mitigating Risks by over 50% through Predictive Modelling The Revenue through Business Outcomes improved by 20% in One Quarter by moving away from lag indicators to lead indicators

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