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Neeti Shukla- Chief Manager - L&D -  HDFC AMC 

Tremendous workshop. Learning's can be applied to any domain of work like employee induction,strategic management,leadership. Best part of the workshop is that it is application oriented.

The testimonials of the past participants goes on and is endless...

Aditya Sareen, Head Capability Development - TATA Power

LEAF workshop demystifies what is training and facilitation.Gives clarity on fundamentals of facilitation. I believe LEAF will be the most popular programs in the coming times. A must attend workshop.

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E.K.S. Sreekumar, Vice President - Quality - STERLING & WILSON

This workshop was a big eyeopener in my 32 years of work experience.I found answers to what I have been looking for to help me deal with people. I have relished the experience.

Anuradha Nagrajan, Head L&D- Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Ltd, Chennai

Very interesting workshop as learning happened without use of any power point presentation.

Arvind Murwaha, Global L&D Head – Suzlon Energy, Pune 

Amazing workshop. Eye opener to see how facilitation works in various areas. Highly recommend not only for HR or training but also for Business leaders as it helps to understand how facilitation can be applied to day to day chores like meetings, reviews, problem solving and decision making.

Kalyani Kamble – Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Image Consultant

Opened floodgates of opportunities for me. Helps people get creative,get more ideas. Active participation,engagement, group wisdom. Must attend for personal development and for organisational development.

Here's what past participants have said about the LEAF workshop

S. Rajkumar, Sr. AGM - L&D - Sundaram Finance, Chennai

A great tool to connect with participants. Helps to work together. Helps to create buy in on the actions to be taken for getting results. Come attend LEAF workshop your life will change forever.

Sriram Iyer- FMCG Trainer

Taught me new ways of doing things.New arsenal in terms of using and executing my training prog as my domain always wants innovation and creativity. Using facilitation I can help sales team to achieve their goals thus helping the organisation grow.

Sandhya Ramesh, Consultant - Great place to work

Earlier thought that facilitation was difficult and you need to be highly knowledge.This LEAF workshop helped me realize that its not so tough and lot of pre work is required. Facilitation creates ownership and accountility for outcomes.